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Betwixt and Between



Not fully or properly two things; neither here nor there; neither one nor the other. Transience.


There are times that are not times, spaces that are not spaces, thoughts that are not thoughts, things that are not things - they are nothings; not-things. Moments and experiences that are, but aren’t; private realities that possess their own monologues and experiences within a greater public sphere of intermingling macro and micro worlds. It’s like when you are awake at 3am just waiting to fall asleep but you’re not awake, and you’re not asleep - you are just floating in a transient moment of consciousness that isn’t anything. Like a building that has been left to rot and ruin; not occupied like before, but not occupied like it will be. Awaiting a certain change, the moment of the catalyst. A plateaued state of nothing; and not-things.


Betwixt and Between is part of an ongoing investigation into moments and spaces that reside outside of linearity and chronology. The body of work examines specifically place, looking into abandoned environments; their contents, history, agency and relationship with time. A site which once had a history rich in education, architecture and success, now rests as a habitat of delinquency and silence. Environments that are in a plateaued state, awaiting chance and future movements. Devoid of present actions or living forms, the documented environments are rendered solely as subject, reflecting the materiality of absence and developing a discourse between ‘past’ and ‘passed’ time. The work explores the traces and materialisation of previous movements and inhabitants of the site, ultimately describing a place which once was, but yet, strangely still is.

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