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Don't Fall Asleep, the House Will Burn Down



Get up. No don't. Stop. Hey can you smell that too? Is it smoke. It's not smoke. I hope they're ok. Did they lose everything? I don't want that to happen to me. What if that happens to me. It's not real. Stop it. Stop it. It's fine. I'll turn the light on. But what if that blows a fuse or something. What if the fire started in the ceiling. Isn't that what happened. Could that happen? I don't want that to happen. I'll just check again. The little red light on the fire alarm flashed. Oh no. That means it's happening. No it can't. It stopped. The little red light on the fire alarm flashed again. Why wont it stop. It flashes every 30 seconds. All of them do. I think they are mostly in sync. But I can't check them all at once. It's 2:52am. I just need to wait until someone else is awake. Then it's safe. Or until it's not dark outside. I don't like it when it's dark. I hate this. Maybe I'll just read. What was that. I'll get out of bed and just check for any smoke again. There was a noise. It was just a tree. It was just a plastic bag. What if it was embers of a fire. It's not. What if the fire is crackling on top of the house. I want it to rain. It's fine if it rains. But what if the electrical things get wet. That starts fires. I'm tired. I can't sleep. I can but I wont let me. I need to be ready. I could pack a bag. Go back to bed. What was that?

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