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Welcome to the Ideas Boom!



I go to ‘art school’. I study a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Hons) at the Sydney National School College of the Art and Design majoring in Drawing and Photography. I regularly get asked by people what my degree ‘means’ and what I ‘get’ at the end of it. I tell them that I want to be an artist. They ask me if I want to go into teaching. I say no. That’s not what I said at all. Sure I could if I wanted to but I don't want to. They then tell me that they wish that they had a ‘fun degree’ where they could just paint all day. Because that’s all artist’s do, right? Art is just a passion, not a career. The Arts is just that little fun thing with the coloured lights in the city, right? The Opera House, yeah? Sure. That’s all the Arts is.


My art comes from my brain. It’s a pretty strange place there. Lots of thoughts that rarely get communicated. I like to repress things. Very healthy, I know. Everything there gets translated into a condensed conglomeration of pattern. A pattern can be anything I want it to be. Colour. Text. Lines. Dots. Thoughts. Actions. Lifestyle choices. But I don’t have a real job so it doesn’t really matter.

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